Images of the Conference in Valdivia. For a slideshow click here.


antonio lara

Antonio Lara, Dean of Forest Sciences at the Universidad Austral de Chile (UACh), prepares to open the conference.


victor cubillos

Victor Cubillos, Rector of the Universidad Austral de Chile underscores the importance of conservation to UACh and to the Valdivian Region.


jardin botanico

Following introductory talks, conference participants head out to UACh's beautiful botanical garden for refreshments.


Armando Carbonell

Armando Carbonell (USA) discusses the historic relationship between the Lincoln Institute and the conservation movement.


Tepper and Foster

David Foster (USA) and Henry Tepper (USA) share a good story.

Felipe Valdes

Felipe Valdes (Chile) thinks through what the future holds in store for sustainable development in Chile.


Stein and Crowe

Peter Stein (USA) and David Crowe (USA) size up an opportunity.


Clare and Bill

Clare Feiseler (USA) and Bill Resor (USA) chat at the Botanical Garden reception.


Bert Berkley

Bert Berkley shows how to catch and release a huge brook trout.


Forrest Berkley

Forrest Berkley (USA) meeting students from North, Central, and South America.


Jim Levitt

Jim Levitt (USA) explaining what comes next.


Ambassador Paul Simon

US Ambassador to Chile Paul Simons shares his enthusiasm for the work of the conference.


jorge burgos

Jorge Burgos, Member, Chilean House of Deputies, expressing his strong support for Chilean conservation efforts.


pat o'connell

Pat O'Connell, Evergreen Capital (USA) considering a new twist on conservation finance.


laurel neylon

Laurel Neylon, Harvard University and Root Capital (USA) pondering novel ways to fund sustainable ventures.


story clark and luis suarez

Marcelo Ringeling (Chile) and Story Clark (USA) listen to Luis Suarez (Ecuador) explain the complexities of new carbon markets.


Rene Reyes

Rene Reyes (Chile) explains firewood marketing.


Peter Howell

Peter Howell (USA) frames an idea.


jude wu

Jude Wu, Yale University (USA) and Bernardo Peredo, Oxford University (Bolivia) were selected to present outstanding student papers.


aula magna

Participants take a coffee break on monday in the UACh Aula Magna.


Hermilio Rosas

Hermilio Rosas (Peru) explains the findings of his breakout group.


Jaime Rodriguez

Jaime Rodriguez of Masisa (Chile) shares ideas on native forest stewardship.


victoria alonso

Victoria Alonso (Chile) reads a letter sending good wishes from Chilean Senator Andres Allamand.


Austin Ligon

Austin Ligon (USA) posing a question to a presenter.


shannon and marcela

Shannon Meyer (USA) and Marcela Renteria (Chile), both key conference organizers, finally meet face-to-face.


conservation investment panel

A panel of conservation investment experts from the US (Greg Fishbein, Story Clark, Kim Elliman, Peter Howell and Pat Coady) working through an issue.


hotel naguila

Hotel Naguilan site of Sunday's sessions, as seen from our cruise on the Rio Valdivia.


Jose, Lily, Marcela

Jose Manuel Cruz (Chile), Lily Lyman (USA), Marcela Renteria (Chile), get oriented on the river.


16th cent fort

A photo op at a 16th Century fort overlooking the Pacific.


Guillermo Donoso

Guillermo Donoso of Chile's Catholic University enjoying the fresh air.


Field Trip

Participants on the field trip to The Nature Conservancy's Valdivian Coastal Reserve.


Valdivian Coastal Reserve

The Valdivian Caostal Reserve's expansive beach.

The above images were taken by Francisco Morey and his team at UACh. If you have images of the conference that you would like to share please send them to Jim Levitt and Lizzie Reardon at